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PURA operates a U.S. Patented Cannabis Extraction Process and sells its extracts for infusion into a variety of consumer products to include beverages, foods, nutritional supplements and cosmetics.  The challenge in today’s market with the infusion business model is that a Nabisco and General Mills are not yet in the market to purchase cannabis extractions that can be infused into cookies and cereal.  In other words, there is not yet a market for the cannabis extractions Puration is selling. 

With the market for extracts being less than developed today, Puration is helping in the meantime to create clients for its extracts.  For example, Puration has partnered with various investors and companies to create the EVERx CBD Infused Sports Nutrition Line of Products.  An EVERx CBD Infused Sports Water was introduced earlier this year, and flavored EVERx CBD Infused Sports Waters are coming to market soon.  A number of EVERx CBD Infused Sports Performance Supplements are also in the works.  Other partnerships similar to the partnerships that lead to the EVERx brand are in the works.

Puration is working to improve its Patented Extraction Process. Through its partnership with NCM Biotech, the extracts from the Patented Extraction Process are being evaluated in medical trials. The results of the medical trials contribute to improvements Puration can implement into its recreational, and health and wellness applications.  The recent addition of an in-house grow operation provides Puration with the opportunity to start controlling the quality of the cannabis plant from which it will obtain its extractions. An in-house grow operation also substantially improves profit potential by reducing or eliminating the need to externally source cannabis for extraction.

With Puration now part of the ACI family, the Puration assets and current undertakings are being evaluated and considered within the entire spectrum of ACI's overall resources and strategy.  Shareholders can expect coming updates to the Puration business plan.


Michael Murphree