North American Cannabis Holdings


North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. is founded on the core belief that cannabis makes people's lives better.  Cannabis can fight disease, improve wellness and do so in an environmentally sustainable manner.  North American Cannabis Holdings is dedicated to developing the best possible applications for cannabis to serve consumers.  

North American Cannabis Holdings launched its cannabis business late in 2013 with the introduction of The American Seed & Oil Company, a subsidiary founded to conduct various pilots in the legal cannabis sector in order to explore a variety of high growth potential business opportunities.  The two most substantial initiatives to come out of numerous past and ongoing pilot initiatives are the Company’s AmeriCanna Cafe concept restaurant and the cannabis extraction pilot project subsequently sold to Puration, Inc. in a transaction that included a stock dividend issuance of Puration stock to North American Cannabis Holdings shareholders.  Puration and North American Cannabis Holdings have continued to work closely together since the sale of the extraction pilot, and today both Companies are controlled by ACI.  Learn more about Puration here on this website under the Puration tab.

The AmeriCanna Cafe concept restaurant has explored a number of business endeavors in an overall effort to develop the best way forward to rapidly expand the operation.  Some endeavors are ongoing while others have been abandon.  ACI is optimistic that the AmeriCanna Cafe concept is viable and at this time plans to continue developing the business.  ACI is reviewing past and ongoing endeavors associated with the development of the AmeriCanna Cafe with plans to implement an updated strategy before the end of the year. 

Expanding upon the idea of piloting a variety of cannabis sector enterprises, ACI’s primary plans for North American Cannabis Holdings is to evolve the Company into a social media hub for cannabis entrepreneurs to promote their concept businesses and early operations to interested investors.  The Company is exploring ways to facilitate not just introducing investors and entrepreneurs, but also enabling entrepreneurs to engage investors.  North American Cannabis Holdings is working to replace its cannabis enterprise piloting business (or cannabis enterprise incubation operation) with the social media hub for cannabis entrepreneurs to promote their concept business and early operations.

Michael Murphree